Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trusty Tuesday

I had to WASH my sheets at ONE in the morning because Charkley PUKED all over the left side of my bed. I NORMALLY would have made Starling clean it because I don't like looking at yuck, BUT he wasn't done writing his paper and I didn't want to bother him. I'd discovered that Charkley had fleas and couldn't imagine HOW he had gotten them because we give him a flea pill every month. (Comfortis- its INCREDIBLE) until I looked at the calendar and realized I hadn't given him a pill in like THREE months. I felt really guilty and asked Starling to pick up some more from the vet. They are like twelve bucks a pill but they last for over a month and kill fleas within 30 minutes.

I always wrap the pill in a slice of cheese and Charkley devours it unaware of the pill up in that pile of cheesy goodness. But APPARENTLY it didn't settle so well and THAT is what I had to clean up. BIG GLOBS of CHEESY goodness. I gagged all the while. I also noticed five dead fleas on my sheets. UCK! So I was quite glad to wash them. I checked on Brooklyn who was sleeping in Brighton's room very contently. I told Starling, who was STILL not done with his paper at TWO a.m. that when he FINALLY came to bed, don't sleep on the side Charkley puked on. And I went back to bed. Just as soon as my back stopped having JARRING spasmy contractions and Brighton's foot stopped stabbing the pillow in front of me, I fell into a lovely sleep. For about... thirty minutes when BROOKLYN woke up. I took her back to HER bed and laid down with her. (Which is really an act of sheer LOVE because the bed is LOW and I have to CLIMB into the bottom bunk and do some twists and turns to lay down. And getting up from there is about as easy as tight-roping... as an elephant). I let Brooklyn drink chocolate milk (which I normally don't allow in the middle of the night because I don't want her teeth to rot out) because I was DESPERATE for some sleep. Then, after about four attempts to SLIP out of bed, finally just ROLLED out onto the floor and managed an upright position from there. Just as my eyes were rolling into the back of my head and I was thinking to myself how well I was about to sleep, Brooklyn realized I'd snuck out of her bed and came BARRELLING out of Brighton's room yelling for me to "TUM BACk, MOMMY! LA-AY DOWN!!!" but I just couldn't even attempt that again. My bed is SOOO comfy and tall enough for me to just FALL onto. So I just pulled Brooklyn into my bed and told her to GO to SLEEP and let ME SLEEP. She clung to my arm and fell asleep immediately. I guess it was about four or four thirty. Starling was STILL writing his paper. So THEN at SEVEN Brooklyn sits up and exclaims, "UH OH!! I gots DIRTY!!" and then fell out of the bed. I just wanted to SLEEP and rolled over onto a WET spot. THEN I looked at Brooklyn who had her legs spread and was looking panicked. UGHGH... PEE. On the CLEAN side of my bed. So we GOT UP and said TA TA to sleep. I went to the living room where Starling was STILL working on his paper.

"When you finally finish and dive into bed... make sure you jump into the middle. And don't roll left or right."

I have a LOT to get accomplished today, but I REALLY feel like I need a nap. At NINE in the morning. AND my newborn isn't even HERE yet...

Starling JUST now finished his paper and came into our living room and Brooklyn said, "DAA-AADDY!!! HE-EY!" and ran and jumped into his arms. He said, "BROOKLYN! I LOVE YOU! How ARE you?" She giggled and hugged him tight then said in her giddy little voice, "I WANT some Pete-SSA!!" (She is a true child of OURS... food is ALWAYS at the forefront of her mind). And then she had a slight panick attack, "WHERE is Baby Pine-d!? OH NOOO! Baby Pine-d es LO-EST!" (Oh- I think I forgot to mention her little naming the baby episode. The BALD, thirty year old, raggedy, dirty little cabbage patch kid in a nightgown, is Brookyn's favorite baby. Starling said, "What's the baby's name? Let's call her..." but before he could think of a name, Brooklyn said matter-of-factly, "Es name es Baby Pine-d." ?? "Pined?" I asked. "NO! Pine-d." ?? "Pine?" I asked. (Brooklyn adds a random "da" to practically every word). "YESH." OKAY. Baby Pine. Like the Tree. She has interesting names for things. She also named the random puppy that my neighbor's found Top Top. They'd named him Oreo but she said, "Or-yo? Noooo.... es name es Top Top." And that was that). I told her that baby Pine was still sleeping in her big girl bed.

She said, "OH! Mommy... I gotta run, otay? be rit back!" And she took off, STILL waddling as she ran. (She only waddles now. She doesn't even TRY to walk normal. She also puts her hand on her back alot while groaning that she's so "he-bee" (heavy) AND she can't GET up by herself anymore. Everytime she want to sit up she groans, "Daddy... can you help me up.. puh-leese?" And moans as he lifts her by the hand. Then she'll dance about and say, "wo-on, tu-oo, thu-ree, por, pi-ive" and then drop on the ground, lay down and moan to Daddy to help her up again. Apparently she thinks being pregnant is a FUN game Mommy likes to play). I'm glad SOMEONE is getting some enjoyment out of my pregnancy. I feel like I'm about to KILL over. If Brighton sinks any lower his head'll pop out of me. And of course its making STARLING miserable. "Wendi... I HAVE to get some sleep." Ummm... while my back is SPASMING and JOLTING my innards and my stomach is contracting? No, no... "KEEP RUBBING"- I spit through gritted teeth every night. It doesn't really HELP, but it makes me feel like Starling is feeling a TAD bit of my pain... and THAT helps. It helps me not want to MURDER him for getting me pregnant. AS much.

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