Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthday Bash!

Well. We were late getting to our OWN kid's birthday party, and we had to trespass. AND we had to walk a mile. BUT... IT WAS WORTH IT!!! In Brooklyn's words, "THIS is the GREATEST PLAY GROUND I've never SEEEN!!!" And she had the "GREATEST birthday party I NEVER HAD BEFORE!!!"

For a very last minute and "it's going to FLOOD" birthday party.... I say we had a great day. The party started at 2 p.m. I was still in Wal Mart at 1:45 buying chocolate frosting, the car to shove on top of Brighton's cake, the strawberries to plop ontop of Brooklyn's overcooked strawberry and cream cheese cake, and pretty much everything else we needed to make the party look Birthday-ish. And when we arrived at the destination that I chose on a whim... (the elementary school playground) low and behold it was blocked off with locked gates. LIKE they were trying to keep people OUT or something. We had a few choices. We could have used the playground that we parked at (with the CAUTION tape and ALL) or WALK around the locked gate and hike a good mile. So we decided to HIKE. And a hike it was! Thank goodness for all my trooper friends who didn't even murmur. To my face. Ya'll rock!
 Having Brooklyn and Brighton's birthday together was great. One bang! One Saturday! One very EQUAL celebration! And having the party at a playground?? Phenomenal. (For ME). It really took the stress out of the celebration. I didn't have to clean my house, have several nervous breakdowns on Starling because we are closer to hoarders than minimalists, decorate the entire house, guard the entire house during birthday madness, and everything else that seems to stress me out before a big shin-dig. The entertainment was provided. It was kid friendly and mostly child proof. Enough running room. And it was a beautiful overcast day. PHEW! Glad that's off my plate.