Thursday, June 30, 2011

It is almost too embarrassing to say, but too sad to keep all to myself. I had to use my GPS to get home. From Petal. The place I drove to every weekend to my besties house from the day I got my license until college. The place where I LIVED while I went to JCJC. Yeah. But... the GPS was confused, too... so I don't feel so bad. Once I got back to I59 I was good. Brooklyn was hollering from her seat, "I wanna play with tha paper!" sooo I let her use it the rest of the way home. She plays the GPS like a game boy. The lady voice saying, "Recalculating, recalculating... When possible, make a legal U-Turn," over and OVER and OOOOVER again isn't at ALL obnoxious. That's just the kind of MOM I am. I put my child's giggling before my own sanity. (Maybe that's why I have crazy meltdowns all the time!)

Toe Trauma

Brooklyn loves that dang bear my mom bought Brighton for the hospital door. And I like it too... cute, blue, fluffy... But Brooklyn likes to mash the button on the foot that makes it sing the Lullaby song. Brighton was ALL curled up sleeping and Brooklyn decided it would be a swell idea to play him "Lullaby." Of course the VOLUME (and the volume is unnegotiable) could wake up a zombie. In another country. It sounded like a FIRE alarm went off in the back of the house. And then Brooklyn and bear pranced and danced from room to room. I then decided it sounded more like an ICE CREAM TRUCK going through an eardrum. Brighton, instead of being lulled to sleep by the melodic rendition, startled nearly out of his onesie. Both arms flailed out and his eyes tried to jump out of his face. Luckily, being terrified by noises is a normalcy in our home so, when he realized the danger wasn't immanent, he teetered off back into his slumber. The poor kid.

But we're happily back from our Adventures of Chic Filet. Slidell has a pretty hoppin' parking lot. We enjoyed hanging out there all night. We didn't even take a TENT this time and we slept straight under the stars.... or, in our case, street lights. Oh how it reminds me of our early vacations... (and the recent ones....)... Life is SO fun when you never know WHAT your husband is going to get you into next! And you can't REALLY understand how blessed you are if you don't try to hang out with no air conditioning in the middle of the summer and sleep on a mat that is not even an inch thick while giant crickets that look closely related to the ROACH hop all around the parking lot an inch from your head... I tell you... I'm ONE lucky woman. I own a bed. Enough SAID.

On the way back I had quite a scare. Now, this may seem bizarre and RANDOM, and that would be because it is. The top of my left foot started feeling crawly. So I took a peek at my bare foot that I had propped up on the dash board. The toe neighboring my BIG toe was moving, without my wish or command, toward my big toe RIGHT up until it had smooshed up next to it. THEN it just kept trying to push my big TOE off my foot! My eyes widened and I tried to separate my toes with my foot muscle. NOTHING. So I used my fingers to pry them apart. AND that toe took off towards my big toe again. "STARLING! STARLING! What's my toe doing??!" Starling, who was driving through two slits (eyes) and a snore away from crashing, just shrugged COMPLETELY calm about my runaway toe.

I pulled them apart again and tried to massage my foot. That toe was a rocket. "Its out of CONTROL! MY TOE!! WHY is it DOING this to ME!! HOW DO I STOP IT!? STARLING!" He barely glanced. And with absolutely NO emotion said, "Wendi. I don't know." HMPH. See how fast I come to his rescue when HE has a malfunction of his toe joints. He's just lucky it was a false alarm and my toe has regained its composure. BECAUSE if it HADN'T, I would never forgive him not taking me seriously.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brooklyn Pumping

This picture pretty much says it all.

Brighton is 6 weeks!

Brighton Bath Pics

Here's my little CHUNK!
I took my little family to the doctor to get Brighton's shots on Monday. Sunday I realized I had my SECOND case of MASTITIS in ONE month. (That's just not right). And so Monday, even though I had antibiotics in me, a pain killer, and fever reducer... I was still NOT thrilled about going OUT. (I didn't want to leave my bed... let alone my HOUSE). Starling ended up accompanying me which was GOLDEN so I didn't have to have a battle with stroller versus REALLY dizzy driver. (I already can't push the dang thing straight). ANYWAY- THE whole reason I even say I took him to the doc is to say he is in the 50th percentile for head size and height. COMPLETELY average. His weight? 90th percentile. He is FATTER than NINETY percent of BABIES! He weighed 13.5 lbs. But the doctor was THRILLED instead of horrified. And he said I am NOT overfeeding him and his grunts are NOT because he's too full. So BOO-YA PEOPLE that keep chastising me! He's just FAT and HAPPY. Both nurses AND the doctor said that he is one of the HAPPIEST babies they've seen. He didn't cry at all until the shots. The first shot he puckered up... the second one he started crying the most pitiful little cry... the third one he cried like his little heart was broken. I picked him up and he wimpered all the way to the car. I felt terrible for him.
Anyway- HERE are the pics of him.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

100 Things I Love About Starling Johnson

Things I Love About
~*~Starling Johnson~*~

1. I love your smile so warm and sweet
2. I love that you are not picky when you eat
3. I love how your eyes light up when you tell a joke
4. I love that when you are under pressure you never choke
5. I love that you forgive no matter the offense
6. I love that you can apologize without pride making you tense
7. I love that you can always find the good
8. I love how you choose the right and do what you should
9. I love that you are eager to learn
10. I love how you meet challenges boldly at every turn
11. I love how you sing with Brooklyn and me
12. I love how you took me to the temple and married me for all eternity
13. I love your competitive drive to win
14. I love how you finish everything you begin
15. I love that you are patient and kind
16. I love that you take life in stride even when in a bind
17. I love how you are a mister fix it man
18. I love how much money you save us by your attitude “I can”
19. I love how you help me in the kitchen and with dishes
20. I love how you constantly try to grant my wishes
21. I love how excited you are for a baby boy
22. I love that you light up my world and fill it with joy
23. I love the energy that radiates from your core
24. I love how you are spontaneous and never a bore
25. I love how you try to be sensitive to my needs
26. I love your acts of kindness, all of your thoughtful deeds
27. I love the poems you write
28. I love how you hold me close at night
29. I love how you don’t join in and fight when I’m mad
30. I love how you never hold grudges towards me and make me feel bad
31. I love how you encourage me in the endeavors I seek
32. I love how you believe I’ll one day be strong even though I’m so weak
33. I love how you help me find programs on the computer without me having to ask
34. I love how you notice I’m stressed and help with a difficult task
35. I love how you support our family
36. I love that you are motivated to work no matter how complex it may be
37. I love that you go above and beyond
38. I love that you never meet a stranger and always form a bond
39. I love that you take pride in everything you do
40. I love that you hold our family together like glue
41. I love that you massage my back when it’s sore
42. I love that you make me feel like I’m adored
43. I love how you wrestle with me at night
44. I love how you’re a good sport when I give you a fright
45. I love your gentle nature and how you handle people’s feelings with care
46. I love how when I need you, you are always there
47. I love how you listen to my advice and opinions
48. I love that you are my equal never seeking dominion
49. I love how you look in your khaki’s and polo
50. I love your sexy arms and legs and belt and what lies below
51. I love how you always know when I need a hot bath
52. I love how you bathe with me and calm my nerves and wrath
53. I love that our marriage is centered around God and His will
54. I love how you serve others and how you make me feel
55. I love that you are a self taught mechanic
56. I love that you love me when I’m depressed or when I’m manic
57. I love that you renovated our entire house
58. I love that you show sympathy to our invader the mouse
59. I love how you take time to play with Brooklyn everyday
60. I love that even when you are too busy, you make time for me and put other things at bay
61. I love that you aren’t a couch potato and you’re A.D.D. instead
62. I love that you can stay up all night and still wake at 6am and get out of bed
63. I love that you are making an effort to exercise and preserve your health
64. I love that you know me staying home with Brooklyn is more important than worldly wealth
65. I love that you are frugal and love to shop
66. I love when I feel like my world’s on bottom, you remind me my world’s on top
67. I love it when you play your guitar
68. I love how you are learning parts and singing for people near and far
69. I love how you are confident, self- assured, but humble too
70. I love how no matter what disaster strikes, you always know just what to do
71. I love how you are dependable and always keep your word
72. I love how you listen to both sides no matter what gossip you’ve heard
73. I love that you are resilient and nothing keeps you down
74. I love how your face always holds a crooked smile and rarely ever shows a frown
75. I love that you are well rounded
76. I love that you don’t give up when you’re hounded
77. I love when you take me on vacation adventures
78. I love that you floss religiously so you don’t end up in dentures
79. I love that you are a worthy Priesthood holder
80. I love that everyone calls you when they need a shoulder
81. I love how much you value education
82. I love your spiritual leadership and family dedication
83. I love that you seek out those poor in spirit
84. I love that when people try to discourage you, you refuse to hear it
85. I love the way you make me giggle
86. I love that when I get the worm you squeal and wiggle
87. I love that you are manly and sappy movies don’t make you cry
88. I love how a sweet prayer or moment can bring tears to your eyes
89. I love your light mindedness, but I love your heartfelt conversation more
90. I love to hear your ideas and dreams and for our future, what’s in-store
91. I love your confidence in our marriage and your resolve not to fail
92. I love that when the waters are choppy, you refuse to bail
93. I love your sense of style and your sophisticated taste
94. I love that you find utility in all, and nothing goes to waste
95. I love to imagine our future together with kids on both our legs
96. I love to think of all the pictures we’ll have hung on the wall with pegs
97. I love to dream of the day we meet the Savior together hand in hand
98. I love to believe that we’ll endure this life together and at the end we’ll still stand
99. I love to reminisce of the first days of our courtship
100. I love how my heart still goes pitter-patter and my stomach still does flips

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am NOT going to make the announcement, in the event that I JINX the occasion, BUT- today COULD mark the day that Brooklyn is OFFICIALLY, COMPLETELY potty trained. But again, I am NOT declaring that because she'll just start marking her territory like a hound dog or something if I do. She has gone THREE days with no accidents. She has ALSO learned to scale the toilet in a very artful manner and can go to the bathroom ALL by HERSELF! (After seeing HOW she gets up there, my heart almost stopped three times as I watched her BALANCE upside down on her toes and hands and she turned herself to get to a sitting position... BUT she didn't crash down on her head and she DID go pee in the potty).

Sunday I took her to church in Panties, because when I attempted to put on her diaper she said, "Mommy! I HAF-ta wear my big gu-rul panties! I NOT wear a BI-Per!" And she HAD gone potty in the toilet so I couldn't say, "You peed in your panties so you are getting put back in a little baby diaper." I was wringing my hands like a soaked towel the WHOLE time I sat on the stage KNOWING Starling, who was sitting in the congregation with BOTH kiddos, wouldn't think to take Brooklyn to the potty unless she reminded him. (And I didn't see that happening). AND THEN, when I saw Starling stand up and rush Brooklyn OUT, I said to myself, 'Cu-RAP.. She just peed all over the pew." Luckily that wasn't the case... she had indeed needed to go potty and Starling had taken her.

Other than potty training, I've been aerobic training. WATER aerobics to be exact. If you are like me, exercise causes PAIN and PAIN triggers the word STOP! STOP! And some diligent people tell themselves, "I shall not STOP! I must go ON!" And they keep working their screaming muscles. I am NOT one of those people. If I am jogging and my leg even says, "This hill is a little steep don't you think?" I nod my head and say, "You are RIGHT, leg. I won't make you run. You can walk UP and jog DOWN... so you don't get too tired." THIS is why I just LOVE working out in my pool. I trick my legs into thinking they aren't getting tired. I don't have SWEAT to judge my efforts on because I'm covered in refreshingly cool water. So I do my three sets of ten (of WHATEVER I'm doing) and I feel JUST fine or maybe a HAIR tired, but certainly not exhausted. It is NOT until I try to climb down the deck ladder that I realize my legs are made of jello and I can not walk. It is TERRIFIC!! And AB workouts in WATER- INCREDIBLE! I actually work out my STOMACH instead of working on a BRUISE to cover my butt bone. And I am seeing the results... all my sag is getting a face lift ALL the while Brooklyn is getting to play in the pool and I am getting a sun tan. Its gotta be the greatest workout plan I ever came up with since I actually look forward to doing it. And yesterday I timed it PERFECTLY. Brooklyn and my neighbor kid swam while I did my workout. Then I pushed Brooklyn in the swing. She fell asleep in the swishing wind at EXACTLY 1:59p.m. I put her to bed for her nap, Brighton was STILL sleeping in his swing so I went and took a nap in the pool for 40 min., got out, felt REFRESHED, did laundry, dishes, cleaned ALL while the kiddos were still napping. I may try that again today...

We just finished lunch- and I HAVE to share the recipe for ALL to try. If you want a happy, healthy, quick little snack- take some frosted mini-wheats and some sliced cheese and eat it. If you want a happy, healthy quick little LUNCH take frosted mini wheats and melt he cheese OVER them for about 10 seconds in the microwave. Scatter some lettuce over that and a dash of Taco Bell taco sauce. OMGREAT lively HEART, it is DELISH! AND don't you go knocking it UNTIL you've tried it! It was my creative meal that I came up with in HIGH SCHOOL since I was banned from cooking in the kitchen do to a few mishaps regarding FIRE. Brooklyn and I chowed down. She LOVED it and she has REALLY exquisite taste for a two year old. AND, if you are more into MEAT, you can melt chili and cheese on top. Its yummy, also. Sweet and Salty little taste bud paradise. After you TRY it, tell me what you think! (So far all the brave souls that HAVE tasted it have liked it... even my brother... I was in charge of feeding him some when we were little... SOOooo he got to eat ALL kinds of creative microwave concoctions). And if you are just feeling that little bug of experimentation and want to try my OTHER favorite dish... Make TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. THEN plop to sunny side up eggs on top of them. THEN cover in syrup and dive in like a mosquito into a leg crease. I've given it to several missionaries and friends. Its quite popular in the crowd of sophisticated taste buds.

All this talk of yummy food is making me crave a chocolate shake. SURPRISE! Then I need to brush Brooklyn's teeth. She's been eating jelly beans and has enough cheese on her teeth to make nachos.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Photos

The rare occasion occurred that I wore something OTHER than a t-shirt. I had to document it or no one will believe it. Brighton is 4 weeks old in these pics. He's growing up too fast... It seems like just yesterday I was pushing him out...

Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday Continued...

Here are the rest of Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday pictures. I'm running SOOOO behind on keeping my pics updated!