Friday, May 13, 2011

The Last Supper

Well... I dropped Brooklyn off at my mom's house for the night. She was SOOO excited to get to stay the night with Mia and PiPaw that she couldn't hardly talk from giggling so much. (She'd be happy to let me have Brighton and her just move in with the Grandparents). We ate Pizza Hut Pizza. BBQ. I thought it was a mighty fine last supper. As Brooklyn kissed me good by without a second thought and hurried back to PiPaw to read some more "stories," I felt like I was saying goodbye to my life as I know it. And I guess I am. I kept asking Brooklyn all day today, "Is Brighton coming out of Mommy's tummy??" She would giggle and say, "NOOO, Mommy, Mommy!" And my mom tried to DEMONSTRATE the birthing process by putting a baby doll under her shirt.

"Right now Brighton's in Mommy's tummy. Tomorrow," and she pulled the baby out from under her shirt, "He'll come OUT of Mommy's tummy!" Brooklyn looked at her like she was eating her boogers. "That's MINE Baby, MIA," she told her giggling.

We've decided to take Brooklyn INTO the room with us so that she can see Brighton come out. Does that really surprise anyone? We're like the family that draws NO lines with our kids. Family motorcycle rides, family rolling or, family Chic Filet campouts, Family baths... What's a family birth? She'll be the kindergardener telling all of your kindergardeners where babies come from and how they come out. NO STORK stories for her. And when she's over at people houses and all the little girls are pretending to be pregnant with pillows under their shirts and then they have their babies out of their tummy? NOT Brooklyn. She'll be the one correcting them and saying, "ACTUALLY babies don't come out of the tummy." I wonder if people will have her over much...

I am going stir crazy at the house by myself. I thought I'd go to bed early since I have to check into the hospital at FIVE THIRTY... but after I left my Mom's, I took Starling some pizza to USM where he is STILL working on his final, and probably will be ALL NIGHT, and then I came home, did my last few dishes... tidied up all of Brooklyn's toys, and got measurement happy. I decided I might want to note my final size since I didn't with Brooklyn.

BELLY: 40 1/2 inches around
UNDER BELLY: 34 1/2 in around(to see how much my stomach juts out from my more normal waist)
Bust: 33 inches around
And final weight?? 149.4 I officially did NOT BREAK 150! That is AWESOME!!

I need to go paint my toenails, assuming I can still reach my feet. I already shaved everything, dyed my hair brown (some ppl have resistant grays... i have resistant ORANGE high-lighty things), BATHED... ate… I guess that’s everything on my list. OH! I have to pack a bag. And find the rest of the car seat…. MAN my memory is slippery… Those were the only two things actually ON my list of things to do today and here I am just now remembering at midnight. I better go do that before I forget AGAIN. WISH ME LUCK!!

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