Friday, July 26, 2013


I am not emotionally capable of blogging about this, but I feel like I have to put it out there, at least in part. Because our foster son is almost nineteen, I will respect his privacy and not blog my usual TOO much information.

We got to know and love our foster son for many months and will be forever grateful that God saw fit for us to be a family. I knew the day would come when he would make his next step in life, and that day has come. He has many goals and aspirations, and he has started on his path to success. He is courageous and strong and taking the necessary steps to further his independence, his spiritual maturity, and enter the world as an adult.

We will, of course, not be more than a phone call away, but it is still a HUGE change for our family and for him. I hope that all those who have met him, befriended him, worked with him, etc will keep him in your prayers. He deserves the very best out of life and has made an amazing effort to better his self and others as he dwelled in our home. I know that wherever he goes, he will be a force for good. His optimism is contagious and his heart knows no bounds. I pray that he will always cherish his memories with us as we cherish our memories with him.

Foster care is truly a remarkable thing. So much good can come from taking a chance, a step of faith… making room for one more in one’s heart. Our entire family has grown leaps and bounds in a few short months. And hopefully, our foster son will continue in his “Jesus Journey,” as he refers to his new path in every prayer, and we will continue to open our hearts and be faithful to the promptings of the Spirit.